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Our advanced technologies keep winning a great deal of support. We utilize the newest and the best in the field to ensure the highest quality standards of text translation, speech recognition and voice synthesis functions.

We are constantly improving our knowledge bases to provide our customers with the best technological solutions in the fields of language studies, translation and linguistics.

We author several award-winning technologies now widely used in most sophisticated language-related software products. We develop programs for all standard computer platforms: Windows, Pocket PC, Palm OS and Symbian OS, which makes our product line incredibly versatile.

TTS (Text-to-Speech) technology

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TTS is the synthesis of audible speech from computer readable text. The voice synthesis technology is based on taking any plain text, analyzing it by means of the speech synthesis engine, processing the information and finally converting it to the voice stream form, which can be stored or saved in various audio file formats. The advent of this technology was a major breakthrough in the language-learning field, bringing sound to written texts, helping learners connect the two vital parts of the language-learning process - it is just as important to see the word as to hear the way it is pronounced.

Today, there are quite a few speech synthesis software products specific to language-learning, and they are more reliable and affordable than ever before. Encompassing a great number of languages, the language study applications definitely have a great potential for helping you master languages much faster that you would have otherwise, had you not the audio component.

This outstanding technology is used in a variety of our products:

Pocket PC Text-to-Speech products
Windows Text-to-Speech products
Palm OS Text-to-Speech products

Lingvobit® speech recognition system

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This is one of our most famous developments in the field of speech recognition that is applied to language learning. What is speech recognition, in general? Speech recognition (also called voice recognition or voice dictation) technologies (Lingvobit®, being one of these technologies) enable computers to receive spoken commands and data. This doesn't mean the computer can actually understand spoken words; rather, it means that the computer is capable of recognizing the basic sounds that make up words.

Evidently, this technological feature renders itself extremely useful when it comes to all stages of language study, for it can be utilized to effectively correct pronunciation, help eliminate your accent, etc.

The system of speech recognition is designed for making products, requesting verbal commands from the user. The system is designed on the basis of narrator-independent technology. This means that anybody can use it, lacking any prior personalization and tuning. The system realizes the recognition, based of a set number of phrases - topics. Only the phrases from the list can be recognized by the system. The main difference of Lingvobit® technology from all similar systems is recognition of high quality and speed orientation toward lo-capacity processors as well as technological flexibility - i.e. portability to virtually any platform. The high quality system recognizes almost any sets of phrases up to 500, total. The special methods of data processing used by the system allow it to function with the same high quality in quiet and relatively noisy environments.

This advanced technological solution is widely utilized in of our software products.

Pocket PC Lingvobit® speech recognition products
Windows Lingvobit® speech recognition products

Machine Translation technologies

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Machine Translation tools are based on advanced computational linguistic analysis. The translation engine effectively analyzes source documents to output the translation draft. The machine translation tools of today are quite affordable and available for almost any standard computer platform. The benefits one could potentially gain from using the MT systems, depends on a number of factors, not least the nature and qualities of your original source document. To ensure the best outcome, the source text must be free of typographic errors, be grammatically correct, have simple and clear sentence structure, and preferably, be free of colloquial expressions or jargon.

You will find the machine translation extremely efficient for a variety of objectives: when you need to get the general meaning of a document, article, business letter or the like, and when screening documents to identify the ones in need of more accurate human translation; for conveying simple commands or instructions.

We present a great variety of software products which are based on advanced MT technologies.

Pocket PC Machine Translation products® speech recognition products
Windows Machine Translation products® speech recognition products


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To realize localization of Pocket PC interface, Ectaco has effectively utilized the Multilanguage User Interface technology; the same technology also exists for Windows XP platform. The major advantage of this technology is the fact that it allows localization without wasting any system RAM and does not slow down the system functions. Our series of Language Support feature 26 localizers, including Russian, Latvian, Lithuanian, and Estonian languages. Language Support products localize Pocket PC interface, feature two methods of special symbols input, provide system setting and customization in the target language.

Our technological advantages:

  • system stability
  • system memory requirement is limited to 2.7╠B
  • universal localization method is used for all types of devices
  • customizable input methods
We have a great number of Language Support products to see what they are, click here


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The absolute majority of the software products represented in our catalogue feature the MorhoFinder® function, our development, allowing the users to quickly find words when the words are not in their original form. It can effectively search for the original morphological forms of different parts of speech: gerundial forms for verbs, multiple and single forms of nouns, etc. which greatly improves you search results. The system recognizes multiple morphological forms, which normally are not listed in dictionaries, where one usually finds only the source form, or the infinitive of verbs. The system then looks for the word's original form and displays it. The technology used in MorphoFinder® uses and analyzes information on the particularities of word's morphological structure and the principles of changing the word form by number, case, gender, person, etc. depending on the part of speech.

Pocket PC Software
Windows Software
Palm OS Software
Symbian Software
Smartphone Software

Linguistic bases

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To create the most complete and contemporary dictionary databases in over 50 languages, we employ experienced professional linguists who are native-level in their respective languages. They combine their expertise with a variety of up-to-date and authoritative sources to create reference works with the most comprehensive content, including the latest colloquialisms and slang.

Bilingual dictionary databases contain about 400,000 entries each. They are organized to secure quick two-way translation between the given languages when built into devices or machine translation systems. Source words can have more than one translation.

Pocket PC Bilingual Dictionaries
Windows Bilingual Dictionaries
Palm OS Bilingual Dictionaries
Symbian Software Bilingual Dictionaries
Smartphone Bilingual Dictionaries

Multilingual dictionary databases have English as their source language. They are organized to secure quick translation between any of the given languages when built into devices or machine translation systems, the source word being translated into all present languages simultaneously.

ECTACO Travel Dictionary for Pocket PC ML11

Specialized dictionary databases - these English-Russian specialized databases containing specific industry terms. These databases do not include the commonly used words and expressions that are present in our unabridged English-Russian dictionary database.

ECTACO English-Russian Talking Partner« Specialized Business for Windows
ECTACO English-Russian Talking Partner« Specialized Oil and Gas Industry Dictionary for Windows

Morphologically coded dictionary databases comprise words and their translations, appropriate source and target language paradigms being assigned to each inflected word; as well as semantico-syntactic characteristics that include all analysis-critical information such as part of speech, tense, aspect, mood, voice, case government, person, number, gender, etc.

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