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Windows Mobile Pocket PC Software Titles
Empower your Pocket PC with the latest variety of linguistic software programs developed by LingvoSoft for the Pocket PC platform! Choose the application you need from a large selection of dictionaries, language learning programs, machine translation software, travel software, voice translators and language support software

Windows Software Titles
Accelerate your language learning with our study aids for Windows. This section includes dictionaries, document translation software which automatically translates documents, language-learning and other linguistic titles for Windows. Try out the dictionary emulators for Windows that simulate handheld electronic dictionaries and get a feel for portable devices before you purchase! Enjoy your shopping!

Windows Mobile Smartphone Software Titles
Discover LingvoSoft versatile and effective bidirectional dictionary software along with language study aids and fun linguistic games. Running on the MS Smartphone operating system, these quick-references will provide invaluable help in a variety of situations.

The largest and most expansive bi-directional dictionaries, phrasebooks and language learning software for all Android devices! With speech recognition, fluent pronunciation and the ability to learn languages, these apps perfect for any language enthusiast. No need for an Internet connection or 3G - the apps comes pre-loaded with everything you need for studying, traveling, or anything on the go.

Palm OS Software Titles
Looking for a handy portable solution for your foreign language study needs? Look no further! LingvoSoft software for Palm OS includes a broad range of dictionary and language learning software tools. Whether you need help with one or more foreign languages, here you will find an efficient and affordable Palm solution. You have a Palm handheld; it's time to pick the right software for it!

Symbian Software Titles
On the go? This truly powerful dictionary software is at your fingertips! Never feel misunderstood again with these valuable language assistance programs! Versatile dictionaries, fun linguistic games with practice and study tools are just some of the features of this category. Valuable software, developed especially for Nokia and Sony Ericsson mobile phones, will turn your device into an indispensable language assistant.

Software Packs
These comprehensive anthologies offer the complete inventory of our software titles bundled in sets so that everything is at your fingertips! For your convenience, we have gathered together our most popular software applications and grouped them by language and/or platform. These versatile collections answer the needs of many kinds of users: businesspeople dealing with native speakers, frequent travelers, and foreign language students. Select the dictionary or translation software package that suites your needs best and let computers take care of the 'dirty work'. Buying an all-in-one package also makes sense financially.


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