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LingvoSoft Learnerís Suite 2019 English <-> Hungarian for Windows

Version: 2.1.27
Downloads: 0
Download Time: 24.11 min at 56k
Platform: Windows
Type: Suite
Language pairs: Hungarian <-> English, English <-> Hungarian
Translation: Bidirectional
Price: £54.95

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LingvoSoft Learner`s Suite English <-> Hungarian for Windows

See our awards!

LingvoSoft Learner's Suite is the complete language learning solution available only from LingvoSoft.

A unique combination of award-winning titles that make learning a second language easier than ever before, LingvoSoft suites bring together the most popular and useful applications we have to offer in a single collection. A global solution for your desktop or laptop PC, they deliver enhanced language learning functionality you can count on and are completely Windows 10 ready. Getting the most out of a foreign language has never been more accurate or reliable. Featuring an advanced TTS (text-to-speech) enabled talking Dictionary, talking Picture Dictionary that offers a spoken translation by simply pointing at a picture, and five enjoyable and effective FlashCards learning games, it is a fully integrated system that includes all the latest innovations from the team of LingvoSoft specialists. Allowing you to be more successful, LingvoSoft Learning Suite lets you learn, communicate and understand like never before. Incorporating extensively updated vocabularies, unique User Dictionaries, comprehensive language and grammar resources the Learning Suite features unsurpassed integration across the entire suite thanks to a new Application Manager. Offering full compatibility with MS Word, Internet Explorer and Excel, it makes learning and using a foreign language more successful than ever before. And with the fastest search functions, intuitive cut, copy and paste between components and a choice of display languages, this intelligent combination of indispensable applications offers access to one of the most powerful collections of utilities ever designed to deliver consistent results you can always rely on.

Exclusive Features:

  • Choice between English, French, German, Spanish and Russian display languages
  • Customizable user interface (toolbars, font settings, colors, etc.)
  • Quick cut, copy, paste and translate function
  • User Dictionaries that you can create, edit and add to
  • Easily changed direction of translation
  • Advanced integration thanks to a new Application Manager
  • Language information for about 40 languages plus English Grammar resource
  • Compatible with Windows 10


  • Extensively updated vocabulary
  • Text To Speech (TTS) functionality
  • Compatible with Microsoft Office Internet Explorer, Outlook, Word
  • Input Line search
  • Advanced Spell-Check function
  • Sophisticated synonyms search
  • Translations complete with part of speech, gender, comment, examples and English transcriptions
  • Part of Speech Filter

Picture Features:

  • Fast, convenient and enjoyable vocabulary building
  • Thousands of colorful pictures to choose from
  • Authentic native-speaker voice narration of all included words
  • Requires no prior knowledge or language skills

FlashCards Features:

  • Five enjoyable learning games: Review It!, Pair It!, Guess It!, Recall It! and Type It!
  • User options include word count per page, random or sorted word order
  • Dictionary and word statistic displays
  • Ability to remove words from previously learned words from study or mark the word as already learned
  • Possibility to choose the default dictionary so that entries from LingvoSoft Dictionary and LingvoSoft PhraseBook can be added.

LingvoSoft Application Manager:

  • Convenient launch of all LingvoSoft components
  • Provides update availability information and the ability to add new titles
  • Offers information on components you have not yet integrated

FlashCards Builder:

  • A free resource let you transform your text files into personalized FlashCards databases you can study and learn.

Download a Trial

Application Specifications

System requirements:

Windows 2000
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10
48 MB of free space on the hard disk
Sound card (LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary, LingvoSoft Talking PhraseBook, LingvoSoft Talking Picture Dictionary)
To make sure this software application will function properly on your unit, please download and test its trial version.

This remarkable application includes the following language tools:

LingvoSoft Talking Picture Dictionary 2019 English <-> Hungarian for Windows (Retail price: £14.95)
LingvoSoft FlashCards Builder 2019
LingvoSoft Application Manager 2019 for Windows
LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary 2019 English <-> Hungarian for Windows (Retail price: £25.95)
LingvoSoft FlashCards 2019 English <-> Hungarian for Windows (Retail price: £25.95)

These programs are available separately but when purchased singly, functionality is diminished and individual prices are significantly higher.

this Suite for only £54.95 and you will save £11.90!

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